Build A Portfolio That Transforms Prospective Clients From "Meh" To "Take My Money!" With Me

EVEN IF You Don't Have Experience Or Have Never Landed A Client Before

Just $97 Gets You Actionable,
Step-by-Step Instruction On Building A Professional Copywriting Portfolio That Helps Sell Your Services!

In This Step-By-Step Course, I'll Show You How To ...

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First, you'll plan the content of your portfolio to capture attention, build personal connection, showcase your unique skillsets, and get them to book a call with you.


Next, you'll choose one of my 100% customizable templates (no starting from scratch for you!) and I'll show you how to personalize it with your own info.


Then I'll teach you my Reverse Engineered Content Framework so you can write work samples that impress (even if you've never landed a client before).


Finally, we'll cover where to store it, how to send it, and how to follow up with prospects in a genuine, non-salesy way so they feel like they're working with a friend.

Ready To Escape The Freelance Copywriter Catch-22?

You know what I'm talking about.

"How am I supposed to land clients if I don't have a portfolio ... but how can I build a portfolio if I haven't had any clients?"

Yeah. That's it. That's the problem. 

Guess what? That doesn't have to be your problem anymore!

Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp contains my proprietary Reverse Engineered Content Framework, the key to creating work samples based on info you can find for free online. 

What IS the Reverse Engineered Content Framework?

The Reverse Engineered Content Framework is my step-by-step formula for creating copywriting work samples based on live campaigns.

Billions of offers are being promoted to target audiences online right now. I'll show you how to choose offers to write for based on your ideal clients, study the target audiences for those offers, then create your own versions of copy based on proven copywriting principles.

It's simple, yet wildy effective. You're going to love it! And the best part is, it can be applied to create work samples for video scripts, email sequences, ad copy, landing pages, and more.

There's no other course out there that teaches this, and it's a gamechanger!

Since 2018, I've generated more than $1.5 million in revenue through my sales copywriting business. I've invested three years and more than $150,000 in coaching and trainings to learn and create these frameworks so you can put them to work inside your business. 


Are You A Freelance Copywriting Mama Looking To ....

  • Get off the feast or famine roller coaster?
  • ​ Attract a steady stream of dream clients? 
  • ​ Grow a freelance copywriting business that allows you to build a business on your OWN terms? 
  • ​Work when you want, where you want WITHOUT sacrificing your family or your freedom?  

If your answer to any of these questions is YESthen this is for YOU!

This Course For Wordy Mamas Compresses Weeks Into Days!

Keep Reading To Learn How It Works


  • Session 1:  Intention Setting For The Win. Want to know how to win before you start? Start with a winning attitude and a clear sense of direction for the next two days. Our opening session is one you will NOT want to miss! It's always everyone's favorite.
  • ​Session 2:  Portfolio Basics. What should be included in a good portfolio? We'll walk through the basics of a conversion-prepped portfolio so you can have a portfolio that moves prospects from "Meh" to "Take my money!" without you having to say a word.


  • ​​Session 3: The Portfolio Vault. Did you think you were going to have to come up with a portfolio design on your own. No way! I've got you covered with four 100% personalizable portfolio templates. In this session, I'll show you how to use them and we'll get to work.
  • ​Session 4: Adding the 5Cs to Your Portfolio. Learn how to apply what you learned in Lesson 2 about the 5 Cs of a converting portfolio to create copy for the key parts of your portfolio that are about you and your services.


  • ​Session 5: Reverse Engineer Content Framework. This session is the answer to how to create work samples without clients to write for. My proprietary framework will give you a step-by-step process for writing work samples based on information you can find for free online. 
  • ​Session 6: Ad Copy That Converts. You'll learn the elements of good Facebook ad copy, then I'll show you how to use my Reverse Engineered Content Framework to write ad copy work samples of your own based on content you can find for free online.
  • ​Session 7:  Landing Pages That Grow Lists.  Pull out that Reverse Engineered Content Framework again, because we're going to build landing page mock ups to add to your portfolio. Sweet!


  • ​Session 8: How To Slay At Sales. Learn a 6-step sales process for discovery calls from sales expert and driving force behind major QVC brands, Megan Flanagan. 

PLUS 4 Bonuses To Help You Shortcut Your Portfolio Creation & Get Massive Results!


Plug-N-Play Portfolio Building Templates

These easy-to-use, fully customizable templates will allow you to showcase your work samples in a format that looks professional, polished, and ready to impress.


5 Secrets to Landing Pages that Convert

Who nerds out over converting landing pages? Me! Me! These no-fail strategies will help you create irresistible copy that helps capture the lead and add names to client lists every time.


Converting Ad Copy Quickstart Guide

What really makes ad copy convert? There are 5 crucial elements than can make or break your copy. Use this guide to quickly check your ad copy for conversion before publishing.


What Clients Want with Rachel Pedersen

Want to know what high-ticket clients look for when it comes to hiring freelance copywriters? In this session, I'm bringing in a multiple Two-Comma Club Award winner and multi-million dollar business owner to give you the real skinny on what high-ticket clients are looking for and how to get them excited to work with you.

Here's Everything Included When You Register

Step-by-Step Portfolio Building Video Training
Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp Workbook
BONUS #1:  Plug-n-Play Portfolio Building Templates
BONUS #2:  5 Secrets to Converting Landing Pages
BONUS #3:  Converting Ad Copy Quickstart Guide
BONUS #4:  What Clients Want with Rachel Pedersen

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Portfolio Bootcamp Rave Reviews - Watch Now!

But Christa, Why Do I Need This?

Every freelance copywriter needs a portfolio. I think we can all agree on that. 

But why Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp? Couldn't you just Google "copywriting portfolio" and be good to go?

You could. But who knows what kind of information you'll find and if it will be helpful or not.

The frameworks and resources you get with this bootcamp were created specifically FOR copywriters by a copywriter who's running a multi-six figure a year business writing for high-level clients.

I'll be teaching you how to create a portfolio using the same format I use for my own portfolio, which has been extremely effective in helping me land contracts in the multiple five figures over and over again. 

Because it's not just about the work samples. It's about how you put the elements of the portfolio together to take the reader on a journey from, "Who is this copywriter, and why should I care?" to "This is the ONLY copywriter I want to work with!"

What Kind Of Results Do Members Of Bootcamp Get?

“My business was an idea that had stalled. I felt copywriting would be a good fit as English was my best subject at school. Your info is ‘real’ and very actionable. Simple steps that have been proven to work. The trainings are very valuable. They do bring results as they are a process/system. Rachel’s five tips were gold. The general mindset work. The discovery call really was not a sales call. I can get business started with more confidence, track prospects, and follow up if necessary. Build on this starting point.” - Tony Morgan
“For the longest time I knew that I had to do something new in my career and I knew that revolved around writing. I just never had the confidence to actually take that next step, or even exactly where that next step would lead me. I had recently been brought on as a staff editor for a new publisher but I knew I also wanted to be doing something else in the writing field. This is where I met Christa and when she spoke about copywriting and showed me what it was about in her 5 day crash course I KNEW it was a path I needed to go down. I signed up for her bootcamp and I am so happy I did! She gave us a great launching pad to start and grow our business as freelance copywriters. She introduced us to amazing people and gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed. She is a diamond in the rough and so great to work with, I am so lucky to have met her. Thank you Christa!” - Allison Filiatrault
“When I joined the Bootcamp, my business was in its infancy. Confidence and content were my biggest challenges. The trainings are making the difference between stumbling along and running. Bootcamp has given me the tools and resources to move my business forward knowing I can reach my goals.” - Patricia Fuentes
“I just left my career of 44 years during the pandemic. The idea of becoming a freelance writer started with an RN I am currently mentoring with but felt I lacked a lot of basics about digital marketing in general and found you through a link. It was a lot of great info and challenged me to try new things, like a FB business page. Right now I am still taking baby steps and learning as I go. The bootcamp showed me that you have an awesome system and all the resources to help other people advance and be successful. Thank you so much for all you do and I think you're an awesome educator!!!” - Suzanne Wells
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is exactly what I couldn't see or understand in the chaos. Your details of WHY this is happening and HOW to fix it are so enlightening - checkpoints we must keep at the forefront of business (before we faceplant). It took a while to get here but I can say with clarity the big turning point was soon after the bootcamp. Small little changes in the way I handled calls, worked, added value made growth happen! You are the best Christa!” - Annemarie Gabrielle-Zeretis
“When I joined the bootcamp, I was at the very beginning, working through the basics. bootcamp was packed with value. Honestly, you surprised me with how much we got for the $97. All the frameworks, the tips and tricks on how to reverse engineer an ad post, the guest speakers and the psychology behind the discovery calls. Aaaaaand answering really *all* questions. What more can one ask for? I’m ready to finally get the first real customer. I was afraid to start, because I didn’t have most of the pieces together, but I think after I finish my first samples and add them to the portfolio, I am ready to take on some real work. 👀” - Teodora Tomescu
“I've had professional writing experience but have never made the complete dive into freelancing. I recently completed my portfolio but had only had "discovery calls" with people for small projects -- and they were with people I already had some type of relationship with. So my challenges are getting to the point of getting on discovery calls with clients whom I don't have some kind of previous relationship with, and who can pay $50 an hour or more for sales copy services. I also wanted to feel more confident about how to write different types of sales copy. This bootcamp was very valuable. I didn't know how to reverse engineer Facebook ads prior to the training. And I didn't have strong sales copy frameworks to use. I'll be able to write copy for basic Facebook ads and landing pages with more confidence. Bootcamp was just what I needed to move forward in my business! I had some previous writing experience but the sales copy frameworks that Christa provided gave me confidence to take the next step in my freelancing business.” - Laura Pheneger
“The place where I'm at with my business is getting my name out there, getting more clients, and just getting some momentum in my business. I was so so happy with the trainings. Amazing speakers came on and gave me some real insight into how my potential clients think and what they want from me as a freelance service provider. Christa gave us so many cool resources and things that I'm going to use in my business – that I am using right now – that I'm so excited about. I finished my portfolio, I got all of my documents that I needed organized into Google Drive, I got my back end organization system all in place to bring in clients, I got into Facebook groups and started putting myself out there. And I have had three discovery calls in the last week, which is more than I've had in the last few months. I've sent out three proposals. One came back with a yes and a deposit. And I just feel this huge momentum in my business happening.” - Janae De La Rosa


Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp Will Help You ...

  • Learn the no-fail portfolio features that CONVERT prospects to clients.
  • Discover how to create work samples specific to your ideal client avatar, even if you've never landed a client before.
  • Put together a portfolio you can be proud to show off to high-ticket client prospects.
  • ​Walk away with my plug-and-play Facebook™️ ad and landing page templates.

Build a Portfolio You Can Be Proud Of!



00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp?
The trainings, resources, and bonuses are all stored in a private membership site. To get access:

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Fill in your name and email in the form above. 
Step 2Check out with your payment information on the next page. 
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Is Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp time-release or on-demand?
Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp is an on-demand online course. When you purchase this course and log in to the membership site, you can access everything immediately.
How long will it take me to create my portfolio with Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp?
The training videos in Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp are short, actionable segments, most of which are around 10-15 minutes long. You'll be able to easily go at your own pace. Just watch a video, do the workbook exercises, then take action on what you've learned with the templates inside the Portfolio Template Vault. You could have your portfolio complete and be ready to start implementing the Reverse Engineered Content Framework to create work samples in just hours!
How much does Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp cost?
Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp is a one-time payment of $97. Inside you'll find easy-to-follow, valuable training on how to create a portfolio that gets clients excited to work with you, all the resources and templates you need to save you time during the creation process, and my entire Reverse Engineered Content Framework for how to fill it with work samples even if you've never worked with a client before.
How long do I get access to Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp?
When you buy Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp, you get lifetime access to everything. That means you can go at your own speed and log in anytime. 
What if I don't like it? Can I get my money back?
I don't offer refunds on this course. I'm convinced this is the best program for copywriting portfolio creation out there, and I want you to be convinced of it too. But due to the nature of the amazing portfolio templates and lifetime access to the content, once you buy, it's yours. 

However, if you find yourself stuck at any point, please reach out to me at [email protected]. This program works if you do, and I'm happy to help if you have question or concerns. Everyone who has ever used Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp to create their portfolio comes away with rave reviews.
What Do people say about working with me?

Multi-Million Dollar Companies and Business Owners Pay Thousands For My Coaching and Copywriting Services. You Get 8 Hours of Training PLUS Templates and Resources - And A Finished Portfolio - For Just $97!

Jim Edwards | 2CCX Award Winner
Creator of Funnel Scripts
Kristin Spencer | Literary Symmetry Agency
Copy Program Student
Kaci Brown | Online Business Coach
2CC Award Winning Marketing Agency Owner
Rachel Pedersen | Social Media Strategist
Multiple 2CC Award Winning Agency & Coach
James Zolman | Grunt Workers VA Agency
Copy Program Student
Eileen Wilder | Million-Dollar Virtual Events 
2CC Award Winner 
Tereza Toledo | Pinterest Strategist
Student Writer Testimonial
Johnny Aiken | Digital Marketer
Copy Program Student
Bart Miller | 2CCX Award Winner
Ecommerce Expert & High-Ticket Coach
Dustin McKay | Entrepreneur
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Kinsey Machos | Online Business Coach
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Annemarie Zeretis | Copywriter
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Nichole Barraco | VA Agency Owner 
Coaching Student
Marley Jaxx | Jaxx Productions
Multiple 2CC Award Winning Video Strategist
Sema Robbins | Be Top Local Agency
2CC Award Winning Marketing Agency Owner
Trey Bearor | Cashflow Lab
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About Me

Hi! I'm Christa Nichols, and I have a confession to make. I was the kid who brought books to recess and held story time for all the other kids. I haven't stopped telling stories since, but today the stories I tell are the ones that create compelling sales journeys for my clients' customers and clients.

I spend my days pounding out sales copy for my 7- and 8-figure clients, obsessing over target audiences and what's going on in people's minds so I can write sales copy that breaks sales records and generates millions.

I'm passionate about creating clear and simple frameworks and processes that make it easy for business owners and entrepreneurs to figure out exactly what they they need to communicate to their audiences in order to take them from cold traffic to loyal, lifelong clients and customers.

These frameworks and processes are tested extensively, both with my high-ticket clients and with the students I mentor. Portfolio Bootcamp was designed to compress weeks into days to help you put your portfolio into place so you can get out there and crush it with clients!

Outside of being a word nerd, I'm also a farm wife and mom of two. We live on an acreage in the middle of the cornfields of Iowa where our three goats and three dogs get spoiled daily and reign supreme. 
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