⚠️ Hey Freelance Copywriting mamas! ⚠️

There Are 5 Mistakes That Keep Freelance Copywriters Stuck, Stressed Out & Strapped For Cash

With The COPYWRITER PROFIT PACK, YOU Won't Fall Victim To ANY Of Them!

Whether you're a new or not-so-new copywriter, the Copywriter Profit Pack is the resource you need to be able to stop spinning your wheels and:
  • Identify & Diagnose Issues:  There are five common mistakes mamas make as they start and grow their freelance copywriting businesses and work with clients. You'll learn what they are so you can pinpoint EXACTLY what's holding you back.
  • Take Action and Break Through:  The profit pack features a short training video and and downloadable resource for each mistake so you can take action and boost you past what's keeping you stuck NOW.
  • ​Find & Attract More Clients:  Get a jumpstart on staying visible online, generating more leads, attracting and finding clients, raising your rates, and building your business by design.

The Copywriter Profit Pack Is A Unique Resource That Includes:

5 Mistakes Copywriters Make

Five short, interactive video trainings with the truth about the 5 Mistakes Freelance Copywriting Mamas make that keep them stuck and how to break free and grow without working 24/7. I've been there and done it all, and I've got you with practical advice from one wordy mama to another!

Business by Design Blueprint

You can't build the business you want unless you know what you want that business to look like. This blueprint will help you clear on exactly what you want for your business so you can protect your time and energy and avoid burnout and nightmare clients.

Baseline Rate Calculator

Everyone who has ever used this tool has LOVED it because it makes it so easy to take the emotion out of pricing so you can set rates that are reasonable AND raise-able! My simple Baseline Rate Formula is a great way to gauge if you're charging enough.

20 Free Tools For Your Remote Copywriting Business

My expanded list of favorite FREE tools that will help make managing and running your freelance copywriting biz a breeze. These are the same tools I use every day in my multi-six figure copywriting business.

43 Creative Ways to Attract & Find Copywriting Clients

A downloadable step-by-step guide to client attraction and visibility that gives you 43 creative ways to attract and find your next clients online OR offline. This works even for copywriters who are new! 

14-Day "Let's Get Visible" Sprint

Showing up consistently online isn't always easy. Sometimes you just need a little extra motivation. This 14-day spring contains daily action steps for greater visibility in just two weeks - and ANYONE can do them!
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